Helicopter flight North-Holland

Helicopter flight North-Holland

Experience the province in a new way with a helicopter flight North Holland. During a helicopter flight North Holland, you can see all the beautiful places of the province from above. Of course, the big cities like Amsterdam are part of this helicopter flight. But other unique places that Noord-Holland has to offer are also covered during a helicopter flight Noord-Holland. Fun for people of all ages. Whether you are visiting the province or just living there. A unique and special experience for anyone.

Available locations

Amsterdam and other cities

A highlight of a helicopter flight North Holland is, of course, being able to see Amsterdam from above. You can see how the city is laid out, where the major and minor streets run and how people move around the city. Things you don't notice when walking in the city, you can suddenly see from above. But this does not only apply to Amsterdam. You can also see cities like Hilversum and Haarlem from the top. These are both very different cities again. And what about Zaandam, which is a particularly versatile experience.

Wadden Islands and beaches

But there is more to see in North Holland. The Wadden Sea island of Texel, for instance, is also part of the province. You won't skip that during a helicopter flight Noord-Holland. That makes it a special flight compared to other provinces. You can view the coastline and the Wadden Islands from the helicopter as well as the big cities. Both are characteristic of the province of North Holland and are therefore also flown over during such a helicopter flight. Therefore, it is also fun for both tourists and residents of the province.

And more

Between the cities, coastline and Wadden you will also find rivers and stretches of green space. All this together makes the helicopter flight North Holland complete. You'll see a bit of everything the Netherlands has to offer with one helicopter flight over the province of Zuid-Holland. From beach to island and city to river. So with a helicopter flight North Holland, you'll always have something to look forward to.