Helicopter flight Zuid-Holland

Helicopter flight Zuid-Holland

With a helicopter flight South Holland, you will see the province from a different perspective. And South Holland is the perfect location for a helicopter flight. After all, the province is relatively large. Moreover, a helicopter flight South Holland has a lot to offer because of the province's versatility. Not only do you have big cities with imposing buildings versus small villages, but there is also a large section of coastline and enough nature reserve to keep you entertained with beautiful images throughout the helicopter flight Zuid-Holland.

Available locations

The Hague and Rotterdam

Of course, two special places to see during your South Holland helicopter flight are the cities of Rotterdam and The Hague. By Dutch standards, you will find tall buildings here, which therefore provides a special perspective from the helicopter. Moreover, Rotterdam is one of the largest cities in the Netherlands. So you can see much more of the city by viewing Rotterdam from above. These two cities alone are reason enough for a helicopter flight South Holland.

The coastline and Maasvlakte

But in return there is much more beauty in South Holland. How nice would it be to fly along the coast in a helicopter? So you can with a helicopter flight in South Holland. From Hook of Holland to Scheveningen, you can see the beautiful beaches of South Holland from above. But the Maasvlakte is also a special thing to see from above. It's just a bit different than from the ground. So all in all, a special and versatile experience.

The versatility of South Holland

To top it all off, Keukenhof also belongs in the province of South Holland. So during your helicopter flight South Holland, you can expect to see the Keukenhof from above as well. So plan a good time to get a good view of the Keukenhof in bloom. And if not, there's still more than enough beauty to see during your helicopter flight South Holland. Such is the versatility the province has to offer. You'll see cities, coastlines, the Maasvlakte and Keukenhof. But of course, there is much more to see during a helicopter flight South Holland.