Helicopter flight Limburg

Helicopter flight Limburg

A helicopter flight Limburg is a special way to get to know the province or get to know it in a different way. From the helicopter, you look down on the province. You see cities, streets, roads, alleys and waters you may never have seen before. This is of course a special experience if you grew up or live in Limburg. But even if you are on holiday in Limburg, it is special to do a helicopter flight Limburg. You get a view of the province that you could never realise from the ground.

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More than the Netherlands

A helicopter flight Limburg is fun for all ages, as long as you are not afraid of heights. And even then, it is wonderful to do if you dare to look. What is unique about a helicopter flight Limburg compared to the other provinces is that you don't just look down on the Netherlands. Limburg is, of course, on the border of both Belgium and Germany. So you can discover the differences between the three countries from above. You'll only find that on a helicopter flight Limburg.

National parks and castle gardens

But Limburg is more than just a border region. You fly in the helicopter over Limburg also over national parks. Take the park de Meinweg, for example. This park is close to Roermond. Along the German border, you again find the national park De Maasduinen. Two very different natural environments that you can see beautifully during a helicopter flight Limburg. And then there are the castle gardens of Arcen castle. The best way to view these is definitely from above. These are just examples of the beautiful nature you can see during a helicopter flight Limburg.


Every province has cities. That does not alter the fact that a helicopter flight Limburg allows you to fully enjoy the view of those cities. Maastricht is, of course, the highlight of that in Limburg. You can also see the Vrijthof there from above. But just as nice to see from above are Roermond, Venlo, Heerlen, Sittard and more places you can see in Limburg during your helicopter flight. So plenty of reasons to consider a helicopter flight Limburg.