Helicopter flying lesson

Helicopter flying lesson

See them fly themselves

Pilot a helicopter yourself? Of course you can. Book a helicopter flying lesson, for young and old. For each helicopter lesson, there is a basic 30-minute theory lesson. Then you will fly yourself with the instructor. This is a one-off trial lesson, no prior training is required. We also offer a helicopter lessons package, of 5 lessons with the Cabri G2 helicopter.

"You have to fly in your dreams, to get off the ground later."

helicopter lesson

Locations helicopter flying lessons


Hilversum Airport is centrally located. In addition, this venue can be booked 7 days a week, on your requirements. Also the most economical option.

Flight time From 20 min
Flight time With pilot

Private heliport Harskamp has a modern Robinson R44 helicopter. This can carry 2 passengers in the back during your debut in the helicopter.

Flight time From 30 min
Flight time With flight instructor

In the pilot's shoes

Happy to have your own shoes 😉

Trial lesson
At the wheel yourself

A helicopter trial lesson is a dream gift. A helicopter flying lesson can be a one-off, or a first test of whether helicopter flying is for you as a profession. No experience is needed!

Flight time From 20 min
Location pointer Hilversum or Harskamp

Other locations helicopter flying lessons


Lelystad Airport has 3 different helicopters as an option. As a student alone, but you can also take 2 passengers in the back, on the larger helicopter.

Flight time From 30 min
Flight time With flight instructor

Heliport Emmen offers helicopter trial lessons for everyone in the north of the country, using a reliable S300 helicopter.

Flight time From 30 min
Flight time With flight instructor
Helicopter simulator

Fly in a real helicopter simulator, if you want to keep both feet on the ground.

Flight time From 40 min
Flight time Lelystad

Helicopter flying lesson in simulator

A helicopter flying lesson in a simulator has a big advantage. For example, it is a lot cheaper to fly in a simulator first, if you want to see if helicopter flying is for you. Of course, it is not as much fun as a flying lesson on a real helicopter, but this way there is always a flight that suits your needs.

"Why stay inside your comfort zone, when there is much more to experience outside it."

In a simulation flight, all situations can be simulated. Good weather, bad weather, or even flying at night. Should you still be enthusiastic after the simulator lesson, you can try a real helicopter trial lesson at a discount. Ask for the conditions.

You can also opt for a combination package. Take a 2-person sightseeing flight first, followed by a simulator flight to test your own helicopter skills in all kinds of weather conditions.

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Helicopter flying

Booking flight time is making flight time. A safety briefing is always part of the flight, but it will find for the flight takes place and is not part of the booked flight time.

As a result, the flight time you book is the time in the helicopter. This is nice and fair. We like to keep it transparent and personal.

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